Jo Beverley


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Lord of Midnight
Topaz Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-451-40801-2

He entered her life in the midnight darkness of a storm, and in the shadow of her gentle father's death. A rebellion had left Clarence of Summerbourne dead - his castle and his daughter, Claire, forfeit to the king's champion. Renald de Lisle arrived at the castle gates as a warrior, took possession of Claire like a conqueror, and set her heart racing as her lover. Amid moonlight and velvet, she became his bride; atop tangled bedclothes she discovered passion. Then she learned Renald's terrible secret and vowed revenge against this man she had wed, this man she loved with all her heart... 


The Shattered Rose
Kensington Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-821-75310-X

She was the incomparable Jehanne, alone in a castle with a child who is not her husband's.

He is Galeran of Heywood, believed dead in a far-off land, newly returned to his country to reclaim his land ~ and his errant wife.

Proud and unyielding, Jehanne refuses to beg forgiveness from the husband she has unknowingly betrayed...yet secretly loves with all her heart. Enraged and wounded by her cruel faithlessness, Galeran cannot ask for what he longs most to have: Jehanne back in his arms ~ his bed ~ his life.



Dark Champion
Avon Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-380-76786-4

A Damsel's Plight...Orphaned and in desperate need of help, Imogen of Carrisford flees when a brutal lord invades and takes possession of her castle. There is only one man she can now turn to for help.

A Knight's Rescue... He is FitzRoger of Cleeve, rumored to be a ruthless champion in battle and a tyrannical master. Imogen is stunned at the very sight of his powerful body, yet it is his cool green eyes that penetrate her very soul, making her tremble with both fear and desire. Sheltered all her life, she needs such a man to defend and protect her...yet she dares not trust him to put her desires before his own. But even as she vows independence, boldly standing beside him against treacherous enemies, her defense crumble...falling helplessly to the gentle fury of her warrior's love.  



Lord of My Heart
Avon Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-380-76784-8

A Choice of Rogues... To save her barony from ruin, Madeleine de la Haute Vironge must wed one of a trio of lords offered by King William. A shocking twist of fate impels the convent-bred beauty into the arms of the most dangerous of the three - a magnificent, exciting stranger whom Madeleine desires...but fears is a traitor to the crown.

Torn between familial loyalties and devotion to his king, handsome Aimery de Gaillard prowls the forest as the Golden Hart - devoted to helping the common English folk find justice under Norman domination. But the beautiful young heiress he is honorbound to marry suspects his secret, threatening his cause and his life. Yet his noble heart, hardened by mistrust, aches with passion for Madeleine's sensuous innocence - entreating the daring outlaw to surrender to the glory, the rapture...and the peril of love.


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The following are Jo Beverley's Georgian Romances


My Lady Notorious
Avon Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-380-76785-6


Something Wicked
Topaz Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-451-40780-6


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