Trial No. 2
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Cross sections of various loaves made in the same manner as Trial No. 1

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Loaves maintained good aeration, despite lower rises. Following newsgroup advice, I kept the finished loaf in the oven for an additional 10 minutes to acheive a thicker crust. These loaves despite being low and somewhat dense had the chewiest texture.

I can't help but eat the "heels" of the loaf before I get a chance to set up the camera! When I have a chance, I'll lighten the images on this page... these had been shot late in the day.



See Trial #3 where I experienced the worst of the lot... A way-too-dense and sticky brick using a 2-week old white flour starter with rye. The acidity of the starter coupled with the rye did the loaves in. There has been much discussion of this "lethal frisbee" at the newsgroup.