Candace Camp


cover art and blurbs courtesy of Kristin Smagula


Harper Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-061-08030-6

Dangerous Deception

When Aline was offered a chance to impersonate a noble lady, the medieval dancing girl thought it worth the risk. Until, in the arms of the dark-visaged knight she was supposed to deceive, she realized she chanced not just her life, but her heart.

The girl he wished to marry for revenge seemed to be all Sir James hated most: an arrogant shrew, and niece to his sworn enemy. So why did her soft arms beckon him, and her amber-brown eyes warm his soul?

Deceit pitted them against each other in a war that could have no winner...unless love could turn their passion into victory.


The Black Earl
Harper Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-061-08268-6

She Risked Everything...

Her maiden's honor might well be the cost, but the precious reward she sought was her brother's life. Lady Elizabeth of Beaufort was determined to rescue her brother from their hated uncle Godfrey, even if it meant throwing herself on the mercy of Godfrey's dreaded enemy, Richard of Norwen, the Black Earl.

Sir Richard had just lost both father and mother when Godfrey Beaufort invaded their castle. He had little reason to trust the Beaufort name. But the delicate beauty who stood before him stirred his pulses past all bearing. He would do anything to win her - even marry a Beaufort.


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