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Marsha Canham's latest novel is The Blood of Roses

Through A Dark Mist
Dell Historical Romance

Rising above an eagle's eyrie, the soaring passion of forbidden love... As the misty forest quivers with the deadly flight of arrows, a tale of revenge and fated passion unfolds. An outlaw known as the Black Wolf of Lincoln dares to stand before the slender, golden lovliness of Lady Servanne de Briscourt ~ and in one swift trembling moment, the future of a kingdom is changed.

Betrothed to Prince John's champion, the Dragon Lord of Bloodmoor Keep, Servanne becomes the unwilling pawn in a treacherous game...and the defiant love of a dangerous rogue whose secrets can rock a throne. Together they will be swept into the rich pageantry of royal power, throwing wide the huge gates of Bloodmoor to unleash the fury of a thousand armored knights. All the ancient hatreds spawned by a family's sins are revealed, threatening the lives ~ and the reckless love ~ of the Black Wolf and the only woman who can tame his bold, wild heart. 

In the Shadow of Midnight
Dell Historical Romance

Ignited by a treasonous plot, a passion defying a king's command... Niece to the powerful Marshall of England, Lady Ariel de Clare was as skilled with the broadsword as any knight ~ a fierce, headstrong beauty determined to disobey the King himself rather than marry by decree. No man would ever command her. And no man did - until she met the legendary warrior pledged to see her safely to Wales, the bastard son of a nobleman who challenged her untamed soul.

She was a complication Eduard FitzRandwulf d'Amboise could ill afford, the ravishing redhead disguised as a squire in his ragtag band, a pawn in a dangerous plan to rescue Princess Eleanor from the unspeakable evil of King John. There was no room for error ~ or for wildfire passions raging out of control. 

The Last Arrow
Dell Historical Romance

The Prince of Darkness... She caught him trespassing on her family's lands, the sensuous and mysterious knight who had come to Normandy to challenge her brother, Robin, in the tournament at Chateau Gaillard. Brenna Wardieu's well-honed instincts warned her that Griffyn Renaud was no ordinary mercenary. When she discovered he was the invincible Prince of Darkness, undefeated champion in three lands, she feared he had been hired to do more than just defeat Robin in the lists.

The Fires of Passion... She was Lady Brenna Wardieu, daughter of the legendary Black Wolf, and from the moment Griffyn found himself at the mercy of the magnificent lady archer, he suspected he had met his match. And when she offered her body in exchange for her brother's life, it proved to be the instrument of her own defeat, for the passion he discovered in her arms threatened to shatter not only the armor surrounding his heart, but the peace of two kingdoms. 

The Pride of Lions
Dell Historical Romance

They were torn between pride and passion... It was a boastful wager, a bold flirtation meant to win a proposal from the most eligible officer in His Majesty's Royal Dragoons. How was the spoiled and pampered Catherin Augustine Ashbrooke to know the handsome stranger with the brooding midnight eyes would see through her plot and make her the pawn in a dangerous game of his own?

United by a reckless game of chance... Alexander Cameron may have won the highborn English beauty in a duel, but not even the lure of long-forgotten desires could keep him from his meeting with destiny. He had no choice but to carry his reluctant bride off to the Highlands, to a world of ancient blood feuds and a brewing rebellion ~ a world where fiery passion and breathtaking courage would prove that even legendary warriors could lose their hearts. 

The Blood of Roses Dell Historical Romance 0-440-22455-1

In a novel that sizzles with passionate intrigue and breathtaking romance, Marsha Canham whisks the reader back to war-torn Scotland as a legendary warrior fights for the two things most precious to any man: his country and the woman he loves. The Blood of Roses...

She was born an Englishwoman, but he made her a Scot, pledged to fight for her beloved husband - even against the country of her birth... Catherine Ashbrooke Cameron had committed the unpardonable sin of falling in love with her husband - a Scottish spy she married in her English home. Now, as she raced to the Highlands, into the strong, tender arms of Alexander Cameron, the innocent English beauty would learn the passions of war - and the price of love...

He fought to keep her safe as he battled the English enemy - and betrayal from within... Alexander Cameron was a man with a price on his head and enemies to burn. Love had made the legendary warrior vulnerable. Now he must protect Catherine from the dangers that threatened them both. But as he rode into battle against the English, she refused to stay behind. He had claimed her, touched her, loved her, and she vowed nothing would ever separate them again.


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