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The WindLegend Saga


The Keeper of The Wind

An Unholy Triangle...

Conar MacGregor: Prince Regent of Serenia; the Chosen One. From early childhood he has experienced the brutal, crippling excesses of a mad sorcerer's insane obsession. Unable to love, to feel, to exist in his own world, he courts death with every draw of the sword.

Liza: The Keeper, whose arms alone can hold at bay the terrors of McGregor's abusive childhood; whose belief in his innate goodness can keep an evil world from destroying him and whose love can bring him back to the world of the living.

Kaileel Tohre: High Priest of the Brotherhood of the Domination. Tohre's unholy passion has all but driven young Conar McGregor beyond the realm of sanity. He will stop at nothing to make Conar his slave even if it means stealing his soul.



The Seeker of The Wind

A Hellbound Soul... Liza's heart belongs only to Conar McGregor, but from beyond the high battlements of Boreas Keep, a great evil has come to destroy that great love. The hell-forged doors to the Abyss have opened and demons wait eagerly to tear the lovers apart.

All that stands between Conar and eternal damnation is the unwavering love of his lady; a woman with powers more deadly than his own. To keep Liza at his side, he will have to do battle with his treacherous twin, Galen, as well as the evil reaching for his immortal soul.

If Kaileel Tohre cannot bring Conar to heel before the Summer Solstice, the Prince of the Wind will have to die. Not even the forbidden love Tohre has for the young man can stop the Brotherhood of the Domination from taking Conar's life and condemning his soul to hell.


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