Sandra Davidson


The Enchanting
Zebra Splendor Historical Romance


No man can resist her bewitching spell... But Lady Raena Caldwell has been raised among people who would never accept her special gifts. Taught to hide her sensual powers, she is suddenly called upon to captivate and wed Sir Valor Godwin in order to fulfill her father's dying wish. One look at the violet-eyed enchantress, and Valor knows he is lost. But he wants to bed the exquisite Raena, not wed her...

Yet the stalwart knight must yield ~ or lose the enchanting woman who drives him mad with desire. No sooner are they wed, when Raena vows to release her reluctant groom from her spell. She is too proud to keep him against her will. If Sir Valor returns, it must only be for a love he can no longer deny...the love that can set them both free...



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