Christina Dodd



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Once a Knight

A Lady's Champion... Only a threat to her life could have made strong-willed Lady Alisoun hire Sir David of Radcliffe to protect her castle. Although he had once been a hero and master swordsman, the good life had been a little too good to the lord, and his warrior skills had become as rusty as an old suit of armor. But he needed the money to support his motherless daughter, and Alisoun was in no position to haggle.

At Alisoun's grand estate, Sir David did indeed discover mischief-makers afoot. But what surprised him most was how quickly his own well-protected heart was in danger of falling to the fiery damsel who brought him to his knees.

A Knight to Remember
Harper Historical Romance

His Power Matched Her Pride...

Fallen from grace and sheltered in a convent, Lady Edlyn is a skilled herbalist forced to secretly tend the wounds of Hugh de Florisoun. A knight renowned for his prowess on the battlefield and in the bed chamber, High is a man who is no stranger to Edlyn's heart.

Using the healing magic of herbs and the power of remembered love, Edlyn saves the warrior's life. Now Hugh claims this brazen beauty for his own. But Edlyn, cynical in the ways of men, denies him - even as her flesh burns with unaccustomed fire. Passion becomes their battleground with no mercy a bold age when danger and desire go hand in hand.


Candle in the Window

Two lovers ignite a world of darkness with their wild, breathless passion...

Raven-haired Lady Saura of Roget was the loveliest maiden in all Christendom, unrivalled in face and figure. T+Yet her fortune and her day-to-day existence were controlled by her unscrupulous stepfather. She lived a life of lonely servitude until she was summoned to the castle of Sir William of Miraval, the magnificent knight sworn to live - or perish - by the sword. But that was before his world exploded in agonizing darkness.

Bound by their need, they came together in a blaze of passion - Saura, the proud Norman beauty, and William, the golden warrior who laid siege to her heart. Yet the blackest danger awaited them just beyond the castle walls, and Saura and her beloved soon found themselves fighting for their lives against a treacherous enemy, even as they surrendered to a love that would consume them in its brilliant flame.

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Castles in the Air

They Were Bound By Their King, But Torn Apart By Their Pasts...

The document. sealed by King Henry himself, commanded Lady Juliana of Lofts to marry Raymond, Count of Avrache.

She refused. It was unheard of to defy one's king, but truly, she could not do it. What man would have her once he discovered her secret? And what man's touch could she ever bear again? Far better that she stay within her castle walls, building them higher and higher, until no man could ever breach them.

But Juliana should have known Raymond would come for her. And when he did, she'd learn that even the strongest wall can crumble at the softest touch.

In the sequel to Candle in the Window, Christina Dodd again brings to magical life the romance and excitement of a tempestuous time.


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