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The Graistan Chronicles

Winter's Heat
Topaz Historical Romance
ISBN 0-451-40438-6

Her time in a nunnery had taught Lady Rowena many things, but not how to be a wife to the powerful Lord who claimed her as his bride. Meeting him on their wedding day, her blue eyes defiantly locked with his, she vowed never to submit to this aloof, mysterious knight whose courtly charm barely concealed his ruthlessness.

His vast estates - and his bed - lacking a Lady, Rannulf, Lord of Graistan, knew this convent-raised beauty bought a dowry he couldn't refuse. But the heat ignited by her touch reminded him that he had been a woman's fool once and would never be again. After one night of sweet consummation, he planned to coldly leave her and ride off to war, ignoring the desire that turned his blood to flame...

But a tide of treachery was rising around them, mortal danger awaited them...and their only hope lay in daring to trust, to cherish, and to love unconditionally.


Spring's Fury
Topaz Historical Romance
ISBN 0-451-40521-8

Nicola of Ashby bravely wielded a sword to fight for her father's fiefdom. Bravely but futilely, for her castle keep lay charred and the battle was lost. A woman warrior, Nicola had chosen her proud independence over a husband's rule. Now she swore to kill Gilliam FitzHenry - murderer of her father, destroyer of her home - the man who would wed her in a forced match.

The powerful young knight, weary of battle and blood, had made Nicola his prisoner, and he would make her his wife though their marriage be born in hell. Gilliam needed this fierce, fiery woman as he never had another. Her people adored her, and she alone could help him bring peace to these war-torn lands. Amid treachery and tragedy, rival knights and the pain of past wounds, Gilliam knew he must win Nicola's respect. Then, with kisses and hot caresses, he intented to win her heart...

Summer's Storm
Topaz Historical Romance
ISBN 0-451-40507-2

Lady Phillipa of Lindhurst had been a prisoner in her husband's castle since her arrival there as a child bride. His current absence gave her a respite from his cruelty and a chance to venture beyond the castle's iron gates. But her dread of returning paled in comparison to her terror of the handsome knight who suddenly rode his charger across field and fen and into her life.

For Temric, knight-errant and a powerful lord's bastard son, the sight of Phillipa's beauty awakened both a wrenching anquish and overwhelming desire. Long had he dreamed of her, tormented by the knowledge she should have been his wife. It took but one kiss, and she understood that he had come to her rescue unbidden. She would go with him unafraid.

Just as fate made them lovers, the world made them outcasts. Condemned by king and kin and betrayed by those they trusted, Phillipa and Temric would not be parted. If they were caught their lives would be forfeit. But one path remained: the way of true love and a plan so perilous it could bring death - or their most glorious dreams.

Autumn's Flame
Topaz Historical Romance
ISBN 0-451-40612-5

Released from an unhappy marriage by her husband's sudden death, Lady Elyssa of Freyne hoped she and her young son were safe at last. The arrival of Geoffrey FitzHenry dashed her hopes. Tall, golden-haired, his battle-scarred face still handsome, the sheriff of the shire looked like a warrior angel. Yet Elyssa heard he was the devil's own spawn. Now the law decreed he was her keeper and sent her frail son away to be a knight's squire.

Elyssa's temper, as fiery as her copper-colored hair, flared. She swore to fight him and vowed to hate him. So why did her breath come faster when she saw him? Was it fear or passion? Was this to be a journey to the dangerous side of desire, or would Geoffrey beckon Elyssa to discover the truth about their feelings for each other - and the wondrous force of their love...


A Love For All Seasons
Topaz Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-451-40704-0

Johanna of Stanrudde despises her husband, a man her dying father pressured her to wed. Robert of Blacklea is the man of her heart, a man who cruelly abandoned her yet still haunts her dreams. When he finally returns, it is too late. Johanna is a wife and mother - any hope of love she might harbor for him is not only foolish, it's dangerous. But there is too much passion behind her pain - a passion that matches his own. Defying those who would forbid their love, Robert and Johanna will choose death rather than give up the dream that heaven is within their reach...


Lady in Waiting


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