Marian Edwards


Hearts Victorious
A Prayer and A Promise
Zebra Historical Romance

Set against a backdrop of clashing steel and heroic hearts, here is the sweeping tale of a Scottish noblewoman and a Norman mercenary who fight to claim their passionate future...

In exchange for land of his own, mercenary Gary de Bellemare agrees to undertake a secret mission for King William the Conqueror. Disguised as a priest, he must entice Gabrielle Aumont from a convent in the North and bring her back to London to fulfill the terms of an arranged marriage.

But Gabrielle has a mission of her own: to escape the safety of her clan in Scotland far away from her murderous uncle. Not even the handsome priest who risks his life to protect her can thwart her plans.

Until the white-hot desire melts the barriers between them. Until Gabrielle becomes a pawn of ambitious men, and Guy must choose between his king and his heart, between resistance and surrender to a love more precious than life itself...