Taylor Quinn Evans



Merlin's Legacy Series

They are the daughters of destiny...born of a kingdom forged in fire and blood, bound by a legacy of magic and love shrouded in the swirling mists of legend...

Daughter of Fire
Zebra Historical Romance

THE FLAME... The magic of the ages flows through her blood. She is Vivian of Amesbury, secret daughter of the great sorcerer Merlin. Possessed of the gift of second sight, she is haunted by an ancient curse that prevents her from ever knowing love. Then, in a vision, she sees a magnificent Norman knight riding across a battle-scarred England. And she trembles in fear...and desire.

THE SWORD... Rorke FitzWarren has come to Amesbury to find the celebrated healer whose powers could save his wounded sovereign, William, Duke of Normandy. Although fate has made Rorke and Vivian enemies, from the moment they meet, an unquenchable passion flames to life. On a quest that takes him to a hidden world beyond the mists, Rorke will begin a search for a legendary sword - and battle the forces of darkness to claim Vivian for his own...


Daughter of the Mist
Zebra Historical Romance

A rare and dangerous power is her birthright. She is Brianna of Scotland, second daughter of Merlin, the greatest - and most feared - of all sorcerers. As ethereal as mist, she is a secret changeling who can transform into the creatures of the forest, air, and sea. Caught between the worlds of reality and enchantment, she could be lost forever... unless one man sets her free with the power of his mortal passion.

The bastard son of a Byzantine aristocrat and a Norse sea captain, Tarek al Sharif has come to Scotland to claim lands promised him by William the Conqueror. When he spies the tawny-haired creature on a misty battlefield, the fierce-eyed warrior thinks he is dreaming. His lovely savior is not a vision, but a woman who enflames his heart with forbidden desire...who forces him to choose between avenging his past and fighting for the future as they journey to a place of myths and dragons, ancient treasure - and a love stronger than magic.


Daughter of Light
Zebra Historical Romance

She possesses a strange and mystical power - a gift of prophecy that allows her to move freely through time and space. She is Cassandra of Tregaron, the third daughter of Merlin, fabled sorcerer and great friend to King Arthur: Blue-eyed, beautiful, and deeply lonely, Cassandra heals the sick in the Welsh hills at the edge of Avalon. For long ago she shunned the legacy that is her birthright and that she alone can claim: the lost Oracle of Light.

He is Stephen of Valois - a true son of William the Conqueror and a valiant knight who must prove himself in battle by defeating the malevolent warlord Malagraine. Struck by a luminous vision of a woman in flowing blue robes, he cannot know that she will become his destiny - and his only desire. Drawn together on a quest that takes them to the crumbling ruins of an enchanted realm, Stephen and Cassandra must overcome the forces of darkness that threaten the mortal world - for a love stronger than Excalibur, more powerful than the Holy Grail... and as everlasting as time itself.



He is the secret son of Merlin... separated from his true family by time and treachery, heir to a magic that belongs in a shining moment when the earth was good, green, and perfect, when there was a place called Camelot...

Shadows of Camelot
Zebra Historical Romance

Truan Monroe was raised as an orphan on an isle in the Irish sea, but there is a secret side: he is also a deadly warrior and sorceror of awesome powers. Now a startling vision of the past sends him through a doorway in time to a place of mists and castles where knights meet at a round table and where a legendary magician called Merlin has been banished for all eternity...

Bound to Truan's fate by shimmering threads is Amber, a woman of luminescent beauty. They have met, kissed, and shared their hearts. Unwilling to lose him, she follows him across the centuries into a world of danger, wonder, and a passion that cannot be denied. here Truan, armed with the sword Excalibur, the Holy Grail, and the Prophecy of Cassandra, wages war again Malagraine, Lord of Darkness. But Malagraine is setting a cruel trap that could separate Truan and Amber forever unless a miracle brings together a father and son to fight death itself - for love...