Juliana Garnett


The Quest Bantam Fanfare Historical Romance 0-553-56861-2

A HOSTAGE FOR A HOSTAGE... All his life, the notorious Rolf of Dragonwyck, known as the Dragon, had taken what he wanted by the strength of his sword and the fierceness of his spirit. But now his enemies have found the chink in his armor ~ his beloved son. With the boy held prisoner by the ruthless Earl of Seabrook, the Dragon will do anything to get him back. Yet when he decides to trade a hostage for a hostage and takes the beautiful Lady Annice d'Arcy captive, the seasoned knight is in for a shock ~ far from the biddable maiden he expects, he finds himself saddled with a recklessly defiant lady who has a rather dangerous effect on his body and his soul. Suddenly, the fearless Dragon wonders if he might win back his child...only to lose his warrior's heart.

The Magic Bantam Fanfare Historical Romance 0-553-56862-0

SHE CAST A SPELL OF PASSION IN A DANGEROUS DUEL OF HEARTS... At first Rhys ap Griffyn thought the lady with the raven-dark hair was an enchanted creature, for the locals warned him not to ride on Beltrane Eve. But Rhys had hurried back from King Richard's crusade to claim his heritage...only to meet his fate in this mysterious woman who set his blood afire. Although she was possessed of the "gift," Sasha was unable to read the tall, blond knight. But his shield was adorned with the griffyn, the sign of the hero she dreamed would help restore her lost kingdom. She named the stakes and he agreed. His reward ~ a night in her arms. One night to conquer what could not be taken by magic or might, but only given freely...her heart.

The Vow Bantam Fanfare Historical Romance 0-553-57626-7

SHE VOWED SHE'D NEVER YIELD...TO THE TREACHERY OF HIS PLANS OR THE HEAT OF HIS PASSION... Sent by William of Normandy to quell a brazen Saxon rebellion, Luc Louvat believed his mission would be easily accomplished. For what foolish Saxon lord had any hope of triumphing against an army of seasoned Norman knights? But the great warrior was in for a shock...surprised first by the ferocious battle the wily old lord waged ~ and then by what he discovers when he meets his adversary face-to-face ~ no crusty, aging nobleman this, but an exquisite princess with a face as fragile as a flower ~ and a will as stelly as the sword she wields. Suddenly Luc finds he's waging a dangerous new war...aimed at the defenses of a fierce Saxon beauty who threatens to conquer his warrior's heart.