Peggy Hanchar



Lady of the Mist
Fawcett Gold Medal Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-449-14867-X

Peggy Hanchar once again captures our hearts with a fiery tale of love and adventure amid the heather and hills of the Scottish Highlands...

After saving her from a crowd issuing rash cries of witchcraft, Thane Campbell is all that stands between Gillian and those who demand her death. But Gillian is a MacGregor, and Thane Campbell is her sworn enemy. Yet he infuses her with rapturous desire and sweeps her back to the home that was once hers - before a strok of King James' pen had bestowed all MacGregor lands on the hated Campbells.

She captured him in her spell, this bewitching ebony-haired beauty. He knows nothing of her past, except that she is an innocent and that she has stolen his heart. But soon Thane will be forced to choose between his love and promises made in blood. Somehow, he must harness the magic of love to claim this enchantress...



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