Hannah Howell

Beauty and the Beast
Leisure Historical Romance

BEAUTY... Betrothed to the heir of Saitun Manor, lovely Gytha was shocked to learn on the eve of her wedding that her bridegroom had been killed. Caught up in a whirlwind beyond her control, she found herself married to the new heir, a rough mercenary knight called the Red Devil.

AND THE BEAST... Unsuited to gallantry and the wooing of fair maidens, the Red Devil had never sought a beautiful wife. But now Gytha was his, and her honey gold hair and sparkling blue eyes bewitched him. He knew of only one way he could hope to bind her to him - with the passionate ardor of his hard warrior's body, and the undying love hidden deep in his lonely heart.

Only for You
Zebra Historical Romance

As wild as the rugged north country where she was raised, Saxan Honey Todd has sworn to avenge the murder of her twin brother. Recklessly, she gallops across the English countryside in pursuit of the man she believes to be his murderer: Botolf, Earl of Regenford.

As hard and unyielding as the armor he wears in battle, Botolf is irresistably drawn to the impetuous beauty who has come to wage war with him. Saxan stirs his passion to the point of madness... but to love her would be madness indeed.

Now, as a desperate enemy stalk him and the greensward runs with innocent blood, Botolf brings Saxan to his castle... as his bride. But Saxan needs more: to fight by Botolf's side and triumph over the danger that surrounds them - as the beloved mistress of his very heart and soul.



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Amber Flame
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Silver Flame
Stolen Ecstasy
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