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A Promise Given
A Promise Given
Avon Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-380-78608-7

A PROMISE GIVEN... The proud head of his Highland clan, Ian MacGregor has returned, cloaked in secrets, to the place where he spent many carefree years, in order to marry Margaret Kincaid - the lowlands lass to whom he has been betrothed since his youth. But it is the wild spirited and hauntingly beautiful Sabrina Kincaid who catches Ian's eye. And when Margaret mysteriously vanishes, he willingly accepts Sabrina as his bride in her sister's stead.

A PROMISE KEPT... Dutybound to honor her father's wish, Sabrina reluctantly agrees to wed the rugged chieftain - thou she fears the rumors of Ian's dark past... and the whispers that now blame him for Margaret's dissappearance. But her sensuous soul bids her to pay no heed to her doubts and mistrust, and to submit instead to the searing passions that burn within her. For Ian's stirring yet tender caress speaks of a noble, gentle heart. And if peril is Sabrina's fate, so be it - for she is determined to learn the truths that will set them both free and carry them aloft together on the wings of incomparable love.

My Cherished Enemy
Avon Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-380-76692-2

DEVIL'S MISTRESS... Seeking protection from her vicious scheming uncle, spirited Kathryn of Ashbury is forced to turn to her despised enemy Guy de Marche, the dashing Earl of Sedgewick, for aid. But the handsome, arrogant knight demands mor than she is willing to pay - arousing within her a passion she has vowed to resist.

MASTER OF HER HEART... Guy returned from the Crusades to find all he loved destroyed. Craving vengeance against the blackguard responsible, he claims his foe's beautiful niece as booty in his personal war of retribution. And though the fiery, headstrong Kathryn has sworn no man will conquer her, she is no match for the virile, battle-hardened invader. For Guy will not rest until he has won what is rightfully his - including the enchantress who has enslaved his heart and soul.

My Rebellious Heart
Avon Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-380-76937-9

LADY'S VENGEANCE... Determined to avenge her father's death, fiery Princess Shana lures Thorne de Wilde, Earl of Weston, into the forest to have him killed. But face to face with the earl's devilish good looks, Shana is compelled to spare his life and
take him prisoner instead . . . a decision she quickly regrets.

LORD'S DESIRE... The sheer power of Weston's presence has been known to strip many a brave man of courage and will, but this bold Welsh beauty meets the mocking black eyes of this giant of a man with defiance, accusing him of crimes he hasn't committed. Furious with his lovely and brazen captor, Weston manages not only to escape, but to take Shana as his hostage.

And with tempers clashing and passions flaring, nations collide, binding the two in a searing alliance that will either destroy them both, or unite them in love for all time.


My Lord Conqueror
Avon Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-380-77548-4

MY BELOVED PRISONER... The wild and tempestuous peasant daughter of a slain Saxon lord, Alana of Brynwald bravely resists the brutal Norman invaders-- but fears the mysterious specter who haunts her dreams. And now he stands before her--tall and strong as an oak . . . terrifying yet strangely exciting. The dark knight of her visions has come to claim her as his prize.

MY LORD CONQUEROR... By rights, Merrick of Normandy should shun the serpent-tongued beauty who wishes him dead. But Alana's sensuous fire draws him to her--and burns him to his warrior soul. It is he who is lord and she the captive. Yet Merrick can never claim true victory until the proud Saxon maid shares his passion--and embraces him as master of her heart.


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