Malia Martin


Her Norman Conqueror
Avon Historical Romance
forthcoming - Aug 98

A Desperate Noblewoman...

Aleene has steadfastedly vowed never to enter into a forced marriage with the vile pawn who threatens to usurp power over her beloved Seabreeze Castle. But she never expected rescue could come in the virile form of a poacher caught roaming the estate. In one rash, rebellious act she marries this man.

A Divine Opportunity...

But once the wedding vows are said, Aleene begins to see Cynewulf, her husband, in all his golden splendor. With his mane of sun-drenched locks, Cynewulf is breathtakingly handsom and his hands work magic on her in ways she never believed possible. Yet how could Aleene ever have known that the unexpected passion joining her with this man, who she has come to know as her soul mate, will lead her into a more treacherous game... one she can only win through the power of an all-encompassing love?

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