Joanna McGauran


By My Lady's Honor
Dell Historical Romance
For My Lady's Hand
Dell Historical Romance

HE WAS THE KING'S MAN... Ian Stewart, laird of Scotland's Stewart Castle, first saw her when she burst from a dark thicket with her raven hair streaming behind her and her turquoise eyes shining with fear. Saving her from two would-be attackers, Ian won her thanks and much more on that fateful day. As Ciel Valoir looked up at her golden hero on his magnificent warhorse, she lost her heart to the man she knew she was destined to love.

AND SHE WAS THE PEASANT BEAUTY... Ian was drawn to Ciel's strength and grace, but he had been betrayed once by a beautiful woman and was reluctant to trust again. Determined to put Ciel behind him, by day he served the king; but by night he was consumed with thoughts of Ciel - he burned to hold her, he ached without her. Though Ciel spared him the humiliation of wedding a Norman peasant, never allowing her love for the Scottish laird to tarnish his noble name, Ian knew he must somehow make her see that their love was not proud.



A Love So Fierce
Dell Historical Romance

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