Helen Mittermeyer



The Pledge
Warner Books Historical Romance

A Proud Welsh Princess... In the year of our Lord 1327, the king decreed that Morrigan Llywelyn of Wales was to wed Hugh of Clan MacKay, a Scottish outlaw. Swearing never to bend to his will, Morrigan would tremble before the giant Scot, defeated not by force but by overwhelming desire...

A Scottish Outlaw... Pardoned by King Edward, the renegade MacKay gave no thought to his bride until their nuptials. Then he faced a beauty with raven hair and dove-white skin he burned to touch, an innocent whose passion nearly drove him mad. And when fate tore her from his arms, he began a desperate quest to find her - fighting for his kingdom, his honor, and the woman who had stolen his heart.


The Veil
Warner Books Historical Romance

A Daring Scottish Beauty... Cloistered at a Mediterranean convent, Mary of the Cross, talented sculptress Finola MacDonnell hid behind a veil. She had defied convention by choosing art over marriage and had never known a man's touch - until an earthquake threw her into the arms of a seafaring warrior, and opened her heart to desire...

A Fearless Adventurer... Einar Thorhallsson sailed the Swan Road seeking Christiandom's most sacred chalic. What he found was a beguiling Scotswoman who captured his heart. But before he could stake his claim, she and the cursed relic were gone, abducted by a band of Arab raiders. Now, fueled by a fiery passion that coursed through his veins, he searched for them, certain that nothing - not even the dark secrets that lay within his soul - would keep him from his destiny and Finola's love.

Against a panorama that stretches from the mist-shrouded Norse lands to mysterious ancient Antioch, Helen Mittermeyer spins a passionate new historical as breathtaking as her bestselling


Princess of the Veil





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