Laurel O'Donnell


The Angel and The Prince
Zebra Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-8217-5269-3

Lady Knight...
The daughter of a French nobleman, Ryen De Bouriez wields a sword and rides a destrier as magnificently as the knights of King Charles VI. In place of glittering ballgowns, she wears shining armor; instead of practicing gentle
arts, she battles the Englishmen she despises. Those who whisper her name in fear and awe call her the Angel of Death...

Captive Prince...
Bryce Princeton is the dreaded Prince of Darkness, a British lord driven by a desire for conquest and revenge. He leads his vanquishing army into France...only to be captured by a fierce-hearted slip of a woman. Ryen is a
maid trained in arms, but an innocent in a contest of passion. So, in the shadows of his prison cell, the sensual nobleman refuses to yield. Instead he woos her with a passion no woman dare trust - nor resist...


The Lady and The Falconer
Zebra Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-8217-5953-1

Avenging Warrior
Logan Grey was just a boy when he barely escaped the massacre that left his family murdered. Now, after thirteen years, he was ready to seek his vengeance on Lord Farindale, the man responsible for ruining his life. Logan
posed as a falconer to gain entrance and lay siege from within. But as Castle Fulton fell, Logan was betrayed by an ally -- and by his raging desire for the fiercely beautiful daughter of the enemy he had vowed to destroy...

Ravishing Prize
With breathtaking recklessness, Solace Farindale declared her hatred for Logan -- then smuggled a dagger to him through the dungeon's barred door. As he made his escape, she followed, running from a forced marriage. But even a passion that bordered on madness could not keep her by Logan's side. The nobleman who claimed Solace as the spoils of war is determined to have her, and Logan must risk his life for the seductive beauty who ignited a passion
more perilous than war...


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