Jo Ann Power

You and No Other
You and No Other
Pocket Books Historical Romance

A Golden King and a royal whim made them husband and wife...

Wed at the age of four to a man she has not seen since, Lacy de Vere Fletcher stood before King Henry Tudor's court to have the contract annulled - and got nowhere. On the journey home, the spirited young marchioness was attacked by robbers, then plucked naked from a lake by the most thrilling, sensuous man she had ever met: her husband! Matthew Fletcher never dreamed the wife he had so carefully avoided could be so vibrant and delectable - still, the painful secret of his past forbade him to claim her as his own.

But they were bound by a tantalizing love...

Matthew was endearing, maddening, and mad Lacy's entire being sing with his sweetness. Despite his contrary intentions, the delicate web of her affection slowly drew him closer. Yet when her bounteous estates fell under attack, and she lay in the hands of a vicious kidnapper, she could only dream of the strong, sure man who would save her... the glorious lover who would one day take her to his heart in an everlasting embrace...


The Nightingale's Song
The Nightingale's Song
Pocket Star Books Historical Romance

The Dragon is coming for Clare, Countess of Trent. For years Clare - secretly The Nightingale, writer of heroic adventures - has fought being wed to a man of King Henry's choosing. But as Welsh rebels swoop down toward her castle and King Henry's men march to meet them, she is finally caught in the King's net: he is now determined to marry Clare to the profligate nephew of the knight known as The Dragon.

Astride his black charger, The Dragon rides through snow and sleet, seeking his nephew's appointed bride. When villains attack, a daring maiden rescues him - a Valkyrie of courage - the Countess Clare. In one glorious moment, he loses his heart to the woman he'd vowed to deliver to another man. As desire overtakes him, danger comes nigh to them both. Surrounded by treachery, both The Nightingale and The Dragon feel their only hope beating in their hearts... their everlasting love...


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