Medieval romance links

  • Medieval Times. For more information on this fascinating time period, created by me and my Geocities neighbor and friend, Randy.
  • To the Shadowymist. Kathy Pickering is also a Geocities neighbor with an extensive Medieval Romance listing, including several other romance subgenre lists at her site.
  • Barb's All Romance Book Store For hard to find books through ABE - Advanced Book Exchange.
  • Under the Covers: Romance: Historical: Britain up to 1714 is another site full of reviews of your favorite medieval authors' books. There are other periods and romance categories offered at this site.
  • Useful Links for Romance Writers and Readers hosted by author Jaclyn Reding. Fairly extensive listing of historical romance authors.
  • Author's Birthday | Web Site | Email Find your favorite author and send them fan mail, part of the Byron Romance Port.
  • Bookbug on the Web - Head over to this huge site - Resources for Romance Readers, features in-depth Author Web-Site/E-mail Directory, Author Home Pages, Reviews, Upcoming Releases '98-'99, Readers' All-Time Favorites, Links, Monthly Column, Author of the Month, Theme Lists, Rings, and more!