Patricia Ryan

Thanks to Patricia Ryan and Doranna Durgin for supplying much needed blurbs and cover art.
Silken Threads
Topaz Historical Romance
ISBN 0-451-40827-6
Graeham Fox is on a secret mission: rescuing his lord's illegitimate daughter from the clutches of her abusive husband. As payment for his service, Graeham will receive her twin's hand in marriage and a vast estate, much more than any landless soldier could ever hope for...

Attacked in London, Graeham is almost killed. He is given a chance to heal at the humble home of Joanna Chapman, a silk merchant's lovely widow. Her past has taught her not to trust any man, especially one as rakishly handsome--and mysterious--as Graeham. But his raw strength and gentle touch unleash a blistering passion in Joanna. Caught between ambition and desire, Graeham's future hangs by a thread. And only Joanna's love can save him from himself....


Wild Wind
Topaz Historical Romance
KNIGHT OF PASSION... Nicolette de St. Clair had married solely to bear the son who would fulfull the terms of her inheritance. And so she broke her own heart and that of Alex de Perigueux, the young knight she loved. Now, a decade later, Nicolette is still without a child, her husband gravely ill.

Alex returns to France a hero, handsome in body, yet scarred deep in his soul. Honor should forbid him accepting Nicolette's request to seduce his wife, sire a child, then disappear forever. It is an indecent but irresistable proposal ~ unleashing a wild storm of desire that will sweep Alex and Nicolette either to damnation or toward a love so pur and powerful ~ so impossible ~ even heaven will weep...


Secret Thunder
Topaz Historical Romance
INVASION OF LOVE... Faithe of Hauekleah was as proud as she was passionate, as brave as she was beautiful. Though she ached for love after the death of her noble Saxon husband in war, she vowed the Norman conqueror she now was forced to wed would never know her heart.

But Faithe had not anticipated what she would feel when Luke de Perigueux, the most feared of Norman invaders, took her into his arms. She had never dreamed a man could be so strong yet so gentle. The ecstacy she received from him blinded her to chilling suspicions about this man who burned with such fury in battle. Yet even as her lips opened beneath his, even as her body melted to his desire, even as her pulse quickened to race with his toward wild and wondrous fulfillment, she knew she must unearth the dark secret he hid from her ~ whatever the cost.

Falcon's Fire
Topaz Historical Romance
ISBN 0-451-40635-4
Beautiful and impulsive, French-born Lady Martine vows never to fall in love after her mother dies of a broken heart. Yet she gives in to persuasion to leave her beloed Paris and meet a strange man--a possible husband-to-be--on England's misty coast.

Powerful and handsome, Sir Thorne Falconer also vows never to love. Born into wretched poverty, he pursues the one thing that separates the rich and the poor: land. By arranging Martine's betrothal to a noble Englishman, he is assured that a grand manor will be his. But he doesn't count on his overwhelming attraction to Martine--and her fascination with him. And, as the two improbably lovers fight to deny their desire, they are drawn into a passion so fiery it sweeps away everything but all-consuming love.

Heaven's Fire
Topaz Historical Romance
ISBN 0-451-40635-4

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