Elizabeth Stuart


Bride of the Lion
St. Martin's Press Historical Romance

In an age of chivalry tainted by bloodshed and betrayal, two unlikely lovers are swept up by a passion strong as steel, sensual as velvet, and eternal as the stars...

Jocelyn Montagne... Reckless, exotic daughter of a Celtic noblewoman and a Norman knight, left to guard her father's fortress, she fought brutish takeovers with a dagger. But nothing could defend her from the brooding magnificence of the invader who quickened her Welsh blood and stole her tender soul.

Robert de Langley... Full of arrogance and outlaw vigor, the fabled Lion of Normandy would hold his old enemy's daughter hostage for his plundered lands ~ until he decreed that he must keep them both.

Tossed between vengeance and lingering desire, war made them enemies, and passion possessed them.


Where Love Dwells
St. Martin's Press Historical Romance

In her captor's gentle embrace, she would fight her heart's fiercest rebellion...

In an age when duty was sovereign, the highlands of Wales resounded with the clash of arms as Welsh lord and English knight met in bloody conflict. And amid the rage of battle, two fiery spirits surrendered their enemy hearts to an unquenchable passion...

Lady Elen of Teifi... Last in a proud line she would seduce her dashing English captor into a last, deadly betrayal - until her impassioned heart would betray her secret yearning..

Sir Richard of Kent... King Edward's liege knight of storied bravery and wisdom, he would vanquish a dreaded foe by luring him with the defiant lady captive - but lose himself in her scorching, scheming, sapphire eyes...

Knight and Lady... adversaries in a conflict they did not create - parried in a perilous duel of treachery and trust. For she held the secret to his campaign's success - and he the promise of peace. Together they forged an invincible love that would burn eternal and endure all treasons...


Without Honor
St. Martin's Press Historical Romance

They were born to hate each other, but destined to forge a defiant love...

It was a time of revolution and chaos, of danger and deception... when Scotland teetered on the brink of civil war and lawlessness swept the borderlands. And in the midst of this magnificent struggle for power, two strangers born to be enemies discovered a passion as savage as the wild Scottish moors.

Jonet Maxwell... a fiery green-eyed girl and a much sought-after bride with a dowry of rich lands, she would become a pawn in a deadly game of vengeance and desire... and her heart would be ignited by the dashing spy who was her captor.

Alexander Hepburn... the baron of Durnham had a handsome face and a ruined name; his blood enemy was Robert Mure, Jonet's uncle. To exact an exquisite revenge he would spirit away an innocent girl and hold her hostage only to lose himself to the smoldering passion in her eyes.

He was sworn to clear his father's name. She was fighting to save her beloved uncle's life. They were enemies in a battle of blood ties and birthright, allies in a dangerous truce.



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