Shelly Thacker


Timeless Forever His His Forbidden Touch Avon Historical Romance 0-380-78120-4

HER PERILOUS FATE... Hidden away during years of war, the beautiful princess Ciara knew little of the world outside ~ until the conqueror came and the castle was lost. Now, in the cause of peace, she must wed the brute who destroyed her home and happiness. And the man charged with delivering her safely to the shameful ceremony is a heartless mercenary!

HIS FORBIDDEN TOUCH... Recalled from exile, Royce Saint-Michel can now win back his confiscated title and lands if he transports the proud, defiant princess to her powerful fiance. But the road is long and dangerous, prowled by assassins who wish the marriage thwarted and the lady dead. And the greatest threat to the impending union is Royce's own yearning heart, enflamed by Ciara's courage, her fire, her innocence, her beauty ~ and by the promise of a passion for which Royce would gladly forfeit all he stands to gain...including, if necessary, his life.


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