Patricia Werner


The Troubadour's Song

IN A LAND DIVIDED BY WAR, PASSION BOUND THEIR HEARTS... Widowed French noblewoman Allesandra Valtin is a troubadour in the southern region of the Languedoc, where poetry and courtly love flourish. Until the chill wind of the Inquisition blows, and Allesandra vows to defend her homeland and bold and way of life. But her heart is soon challenged by a bold and courageous knight whose duty binds him to possess her lands, but whose heart desires only to win the fair lady for himself.

Gaucelm Deluc, vassal to the king of France, is under orders to conquer the independent provinces of the Languedoc. Though sworn to defeat the stunning baroness, he is unprepared for Allesandra's seductive beauty. Against a world of incendiary battle, through days of struggle and nights of burning passion, Deluc and Allesandra fight for the promise of a better tomorrow...all in the name of love.


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