Susan Wiggs


The Lily and The Leopard
Harper Historical Romance

THE LILY... France in 1414 was a country at war, overrun within by marauding knights and besieged from without by an ambitious English king.

THE LEOPARD... England in 1414 was ruled by King Henry V, a driven monarch who was determined to regain his French lands, even if it meant war.

THE LILY AND THE LEOPARD... Lianna of France was mistress of a great castle in Normandy. Rand of England was King Henry's most fearless and trusted warrior. They were fated to meet in a sunny forest glade, just as their countries were fated to meet on the battlefield of Agincourt. Their turbulent yet triumphant love story symbolized the clash of two mighty nations. With them, the lily and the leopard could be united, finally, under one banner.

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