Who's the person behind -- er, in front of the sewing machine?

(Who cares -- take me to your sewing room!)


The very first memories of sewing are of handstitched pincushions I made for my mother, when I was in grade school. Mom indulged my requests for cross-stitch kits and projects. I would look forward to getting something, anything -- after she came home from work. Something of a bookworm and rather eccentric, my idea of a *really* fun summer was spending it on my own indoors working on various needlecrafts (I still am rather eccentric). At age 16, I worked in a garment factory alongside mom, churning out elastic waist bands in dresses. Didn't particularly like working in the "sweat" factory, however it helped pay for all those teenage indulgences, like books and art supplies. Then off to university. Shortly after university, I went to work full time in the publishing field for 10+ years. Although I did not sew at all during this time, I was a bit of a clotheshorse - I favored tailored outfits, A-line skirts and loose boxy tops. Then DH and I started a family. With the support of DH, I'm happy to say I'm a SAHM now with two wonderful kids. I have come to rekindle my interest in sewing.


Rose, today 2004 (casual in jeans and a tee...hello Mommy)



Rose, then 1998 (designer lipstick, tailored suits etc...."MIZZ i-am-not-amuzed")




Enough about me, on to my sewing room!