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A Bed of Spices Harper Monogram, 9/93 ISBN 0-06-108078-0
The exquisite Frederica der Esslingen fled from the castle to the herbalist's cottage. Rica could never give in to her father's wishes and marry the man her twin sister loved. Another man, a stranger, sent her blood racing and understood her bold searching heart. Yet he was denied her forever.

Son of a wealthy merchant, and determined to become a physician, Solomon had come to study the herbalist's art. It was there, in a wild garden, that he first set eyes on Rica. Her golden-haired beauty and bold spirit bewitched him. As plague ravaged Europe, he struggled against his passion, risking his life for the woman he longed to hold in his arms forever.

"An exquisite tale of star-crossed lovers and a passion that would not die. With her unique and lyrical style, Barbara Samuel touches every emotion. The quiet brilliance of her story lingered in my mind long after the book was closed." - Susan Wiggs



A Winter Ballad Harper Monogram, 11/94 ISBN 0-06-108079-9

A FAIR MAIDEN...Anya of Winterbourne had suffered nothing but humiliation at the hands of men. And yet, when she found a fallen knight in a still winter forest, she could not leave him to die.

A NOBLE KNIGHT...Weary of battle and pursued by assassins, Christian de Morcerx would have liked nothing more than to stay at Winterbourne and Champion the elusive and beleaguered Lady Anya. But his past contained a secret he had to decipher if he was to live, and his presence could only bring more disaster to the manor.

"A splendidly crafted medieval romance sure to delight all who read it." The Medieval Chronicle

Lucien's Fall (Georgian) **Rita Finalist Harper Monogram, 9/95 ISBN 0-06-108362-3

A MASTER OF SEDUCTION... The sinfully appealing Lord Lucien Escher, London's most accomplished rake, believed there was no woman born who could not be seduced. But his hard-hearted facade hid a tragedy that was slowly devouring him from within.

A WOMAN OF STRONG WILL... Determined to save her treasured ancestral home, Madeline had no use for love. Nor would she allow an irredeemable scoundrel to distract her from her goal. Yet against her better judgment, she was drawn to the elusive and dangerous Lucien.

As Madeline and Lucien began their dance of desire and denial, their passion rose to a crescendo of longing and sacrifice that would determine their fate forever.

"A ravishingly sensual story that will sweep you and leave you dazzled. Read and enjoy." Jo Beverley
Heart of A Knight **Rita Finalist Harper Paperbacks, 8/97 ISBN 0-06-108518-9

Britain, 1351. After an arduous exile to flee the darkness and danger sweeping her lands, Lady Elizabeth D'Auvers returns home to Woodell Castle, yearning only for her looms and her quiet life. To her astonishment, she finds the castle and farmlands thriving, thanks to Lord Thomas of Roxburgh, a knight errant whose size and strength offer protection to Elizabeth's castle and its people.

Lord Thomas's warm gaze makes Elizabeth's flesh burn with unaccustomed fire, and her defenses crumble, leaving her heart as vulnerable as her trembling body. Yet chilling thoughts trouble her mind. For there is something dark and mysterious about this man--a secret that makes him s forbidden to desire as he is impossible to resist.


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