We have some really special friends with web pages of their own!


Rose had the pleasure of meeting Vic back in November of 1996. That was great fun! I got to visit him and met his friend Sylvia and we all had a great time, they made my stay really memorable! We love bouncing ideas off each other for web pages and in general anything having to do with the internet. Rich and Vic love discussing music and they both have a sick sense of humour (why doesn't that surprise me?)Vic created most of the buttons here and elsewhere for this site.  Check out his work in Bryce and Photoshop.



Bob AKA SciBard is so cool, he has his own domain name... check out his poetry, art and 3D work  at http://www.SciBard.com  






Gary and Kathy are another couple we chat with as well. We recently received a very nice newsletter from the gang. Ditto, in the humour division as well! They've just gotten Gary's Place and Kathy's Korner up, and it looks great!



Gene, writer and
breeder of tarantulas.


Noel, watercolourist.


We hope to get more of our friends and family to join us in this entertaining form of communication.








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