Baking with Julia (pics)
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breads made from the book, Baking with Julia - by Dorie Greenspan

Breads, Books & Biscotti


Brioche Nanterre, from Baking with Julia (Nancy Silverton). The "braiding" effect was inspired by Sheila Linderman's technique in her book, The New French Baker. I took balls of dough and aligned them side by side, built up in pyramid fashion to achieve this look.


Brioche Nanterre, Interior. I brushed a beaten egg white towards the end of baking to give the loaf a  browning. Beaten egg yolk with a tablespoon of water give the loaf a nice sheen when applied before baking.


Brioche, basis for walnut sticky buns. Recipe from Baking with Julia Child (Nancy Silverton). Tons of butter, using a pastry folding technique and chilled dough. Tip: do not roll too tightly or the buns won't expand.


Boule based on mixed starter recipe. Recipe from Baking with Julia (Steve Sullivan)


Basic White Loaves, brushed with a milk wash. Recipe from Baking with Julia (Craig Kominiak)